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About me. Some biographical notes

I've always wanted to paint.

But I didn't.


I did go to art school,

Chose interior design.

I actually wanted to paint

but I didn't.


Then came the business world.

Product development. International Marketing.

I worked worldwide, making a career,

was successful. Lived in London and Paris.

And I wanted to paint,

but I didn't


Management positions and consultancy were next.

Developing organisations, getting management on board.

Implementing changes, setting up new businesses.

And I wanted to paint,

but I didn't


But making a career is not an art.

Making art, thát's an art.


How it's done?

Well, simply, with paint and brush

and with a lot of patience

and a lot of precision.


That's how I started painting.

Studied on it. Practiced it.

Took lessons. Took master classes

I painted. And I just kept painting.

Started to exhibit.

Received recognition, appreciation, awards.


Ultimately I started doing what I love most:


Ordinary subjects, modest things

(albeit sometimes in a somewhat immodest format).


I wanted to paint

but I didn't.

Now I do it, daily. And I'll keep doing it.

Take a look. Enjoy it. I do too!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+31 627027444

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